Tips, Tricks and Key Points for Renovating a Rural House

house interior

If you are lucky enough to own a house in the country you know how much satisfaction it can give. Disconnect from the routine and take refuge in this protected oasis hides a great regenerative power, which is not always honored properly due to lack of time. In fact, the time we spend in the house in the country is less than in the first house, which we live every day; this however should not dissuade us from the idea of ​​having a house with a style that fully reflects the rural spirit that distinguishes it. Today we present to you some tips and key points to renovate your house in the countryside in order to make it more welcoming and familiar.

Recover the Essence of the Materials

The secret to recovering the essence of a rural house is knowing how to enhance the original materials and construction techniques, often hidden by subsequent renovations. The first tip is to eliminate the superfluous and bring back to light the walls in stone or brick, leaving the walls. The same goes for the ceiling and in particular for the wooden beams, as well as for the old floors made up of large irregular stone slabs. Limit yourself to renovating only what is strictly necessary and try to direct your every decision in the direction that is best suited to enhance the rustic spirit of your home.

The Coverage

It is one of the most representative elements of a rural house. Make sure it is completely waterproof, meaning it can adequately insulate rooms from external conditions, both in summer and in winter. If in some points this characteristic is lacking, you can resort to different systems to waterproof traditional roofs, thermally insulating them. Some of these methods integrate harmoniously with the natural landscape, since they can be installed under the existing cover without compromising its original appearance.

Natural Colors and Textures

If you decide to replace the floor of some rooms or build new walls dividing tries to favor the use of coatings with natural colors and textures reminiscent of materials such as linen, cotton or wool. The trend of a few years ago characterized by the use of dark shades has now fallen into oblivion, replaced by light colors that increase the brightness of the spaces. The latest trends enhance the use of wooden furniture painted in pastel shades , arranged on a background with a strong rustic spirit. Here white and wood alternate with touches of color achieved through decorative patterns such as floral, botanical, animal and striped motifs.

Wooden Doors and Windows

If their conditions allow it, it recovers wooden doors, windows and counter windows, keeping their original components. The style that distinguishes country houses lies in these elements, so it would be a waste to replace them with new modern-style fixtures. If you wish, you can use techniques to pickle the surface, thus removing the paint that hides the underlying wood. Or you can replace the window panes with more modern and effective products in terms of thermal insulation. Top it all off by choosing curtains with light fabrics, perfect for filling your country home with light.


Rural Environments

To recreate the typical atmosphere of country houses, we invite you to take a tour of some flea market or antique shop where we are sure you will be able to find perfect solutions for your home: antique furniture, trunks, agricultural tools, ceramic plates or straw hats will turn into splendid pieces of furniture. And don’t forget to choose a wool woven rug to match the walls!

The Living Room

In this room of the house you can combine rustic furniture made of natural wood with chairs inspired by other styles; this will allow you to achieve an interesting visual contrast. The combination of wood, a material that releases warmth and comfort at the sight, with more lively and dynamic colors will give shape to welcoming and familiar rooms. And if you want to outdo yourself, buy some handmade furniture: the ideal solution for decorating a rural house.

The Kitchen

It will be because it is very close to nature, but this style exudes a unique charm. If space permits, it is advisable to avoid very tall furniture, replacing them with a showcase or some simple shelf. Complete the wall decor by hanging pots and kitchen utensils, possibly traditionally molded or loaded with emotional meaning (Grandma’s old ladle could be a great asset!). And in order not to give up home comfort, opt for the latest generation appliances; placing the latter in a kitchen “of other times” you will obtain a very particular contrast effect.

The Bedroom

Years go by, we can’t do anything about it. But has it ever happened to you to return to the house outside the city and find the rooms as you remembered them, as if time had stopped? This is precisely the effect we should aim for: a house that has been renovated and therefore made more welcoming, without giving up the spirit that makes it unique. Decorate the bedroom with wooden furniture, noble materials and walls decorated in neutral tones and avoid overloading the environment. Choose a rug with ethnic motifs in natural fabrics to protect you from the cold of the floor and enjoy your room. You will immediately realize that few pieces of furniture are enough to create an intimate and familiar bedroom, without giving up any comfort.