Renovate Your Room On A Budget


It only takes a few simple steps to renovate your home. Read on to see how you can add new flavor to your home interior without spending too much money! You will be surprised at the resources you already have available and what you could recover. Now is the right time to take action.

Regardless of your reasons, it is almost inevitable that at some point you will feel ready to revamp and refresh your environments. However, our budget is often not as large as our aspirations and motivations for change.

1. Rearrange Your Furniture

Work on the design of your environments to optimize the spaces of each room. Nothing is as simple as moving and rearranging furniture. Work with what you already have – it won’t cost you a cent! You will be amazed at how different your space looks just by moving a sofa, table, chest of drawers or bed.

If your sofa and armchairs are against the wall, consider bringing them to the center of the room by grouping them. Everyone loves the feeling of coziness this seating arrangement can create. Your room might even look a little bigger.

2. Use Some Paint

Never underestimate the power of paint. Add some color and depth to your rooms, sometimes even just one accent wall is enough. You can also think of something more decorative, like painting stripes on the wall.

Another idea is to paint the cabinets, bookshelves or give old furniture a touch of renewal with a coat of paint. Sand the wooden furniture and use a similar neutral shade to match them a little better.

3. Decluttering and Order

If you don’t have the means to do anything else, decluttering is the solution. It is easy to accumulate disorder over the years and get used to living with the things that pile up during our daily life. We come to a point that we no longer “see” the clutter, but we still begin to feel uncomfortable in our space. It can be useful to take pictures.

Decluttering and tidying up is undoubtedly less demanding than any small renovation and it’s at no cost! In fact, you can even earn something if you sell some furniture and objects in shops or sites specialized in secondhand. This allows you to make more targeted new purchases.

4. Use Fabrics

Rummage among the scraps of fabric, among the shirts you no longer wear, among the mismatched napkins, among the stained kit. Use those fabrics to cover cushions for your bed or sofa. You can also frame them to create fun and colorful paintings.

Sometimes you just need to add trimmings, pompoms or tassels to give a new look to cushions and curtains.

Cushions and sofa covers are the most used trick by interior decorators to renovate the old sofa: you can change them according to your mood and the season, the effect is nothing short of surprising to change style in an instant.

5. Replace the Handles

It is truly amazing the difference new door or window handles can make to the overall aesthetic of the home. There are also very cheap handles, suitable for all pockets. If you’ve gotten tired of gold or burnished handles, you only have one thing to do: replace them! You can change the knobs or handles even on the chest of drawers or wardrobes.

living room

6. The Magic of a Mirror

Whether it’s just one or a group, mirrors are a great way to brighten and decorate any room. Just remember to pay attention to what your mirror is reflecting, better be on the opposite side of the window, for example.

Large mirrors with a beautiful wooden frame can simply be placed on the floor or on a piece of furniture for a simple and effective touch. A collection of different mirrors bought in the flea markets can give character and personality to a wall. All that remains is to go hunting for mirrors!

7. Show Off Your Items

You don’t have to be a passionate collector to find a group of objects to show. Bring out the mismatched plates, bowls, bottles or demijohns. Show them with pride, either by hanging them or grouping them on furniture, bookcases, stairs. For example, instead of having several candle holders or different vases scattered around the house, bring them together in one place. The decorative effect is guaranteed.

8. Think About New Uses for the Same Item

Rethinking how objects are used is always a good idea and adds personality and character by completely changing the look of a room. A basket that usually holds magazines could make a great cache pot for a plant. An old door can become the headboard of a bed, a vintage suitcase can become a bedside table, a plate rack can be a book display for the children’s room, a ladder could become a clothing rack for the bedroom.

9. Nature at Home

It is a big trend of the moment to fill the corners of the house with a little natural green. If you don’t have the budget for beautiful giant houseplants, start small! If you’re on a budget, you can even make cuttings with succulents and succulents or grow plants from seeds.

Group small pots of different heights or hang a plant in a corner, make any space cooler and more welcoming with a little greenery.

10. Lighting

A single central light does not usually make a room pleasant and cool. To have a welcoming and functional room, more light points are needed. So rethink every room to have table or floor lamps in multiple corners. You will see that this too will significantly contribute to your desire for renewal.

11. Change the Curtains on the Windows

Replacing curtains is a very simple move that can completely transform the look of your space. There are truly endless possibilities. You can opt for blinds on tracks, ring blinds on rods, Roman blinds or roller blinds or you can combine two of these blackout and decorative methods. Even for the type of fabrics and colors you are spoiled for choice.

12. Replace the Complements

An easy way to freshen up a room is to change some pieces that are considered decoration, such as furniture accessories. Replace the side table with something more personal, perhaps a vintage trunk or side table found at the thrift store. Try inserting a new lamp or hang a new print on the wall. Change the bedside tables, photo frames and lampshade. The list can go on indefinitely.

13. Change Your Bedding

If you’re looking to give your bedroom a little makeover, then there’s no better way to do it than by changing the bedding.

From a Scandinavian-inspired hygge bed with layers of comfy plaid and duvet covers, to cheerful color accents of patterned pillows and quilts, to something more romantic and shabby, your possibilities on this front are limited only by your imagination.