Are Exterior Wall Coatings Worth the Price?

man preparing bricks for an interior wall coating

Wall coating systems can bring many advantages and significant cost savings over time, especially when considering long-term investment decisions. This article will examine several key considerations, such as improved aesthetics, increased weather resistance, and enhanced energy efficiency.

Textured coatings also allow for the concealment of scars, cracks, or previous repairs that masonry paint cannot cover, creating an attractive and uniform finish in your home. This can create an inviting ambience.

Man layering a wall coating on a white interior wall

Improved Aesthetics

Wall coatings offer an exciting alternative to conventional masonry paint and can be applied to any brick structure. Wall coatings can cover scars, cracks and other defects on exterior walls of homes while being up to 20 times thicker.

These waterproof coatings prevent moisture from seeping into walls, protecting them from discolouration and mould growth. Their super hydrophobic coating keeps your walls water-repellent, preventing green mould from appearing in damp areas of your home.

Exterior wall coating can also help improve the energy efficiency of buildings by providing thermal insulation properties (source: Property Workshop), thus saving money on energy bills over time. Furthermore, unlike masonry paint that cracks and peels over time, an external wall coating lasts years and is easy to maintain, thus reducing maintenance needs while increasing home value, making this investment worthwhile and wise for property owners of any kind.

man measuring a wall coating

Weather Resistance

An exterior wall coating that offers excellent weather resistance is one of the main benefits of quality exterior wall coatings, helping protect properties against harsh elements and potentially reducing maintenance costs.

Wall coatings also protect walls from moisture damage that could lead to mould or mildew growth, helping ensure a longer structural life for structures. Watertight coatings protect them and prolong their lives, giving structures protection and a longer lifespan.

Exterior wall coatings can be applied to many different surfaces, including masonry, rendering, and pebbledash. Furthermore, they can also be used to repair cracks and gaps in buildings’ facades that have become brittle over time, as well as help increase property values by helping prevent damp issues and increasing energy efficiency, which in turn lowers heating bills significantly. Exterior wall coatings can even be applied retroactively over existing buildings with lower-grade paints.

Energy Efficiency

Wall coatings may seem like an aesthetic solution, but they actually offer much more. Wall coatings serve as an innovative alternative to paint in that they help protect properties against moisture damage while simultaneously cutting energy costs and helping prevent damp ingress.

Wall coatings differ from traditional masonry paint in several ways, including being water-repellent and possessing higher opacity levels. Furthermore, these wall coatings contain super hydrophobic water dispersants, which allow rainwater to wash away any dirt particles on their surfaces without needing manual or power washer cleanup.

Exterior coatings that are breathable also aid in the fight against green mould and mildew growth on the walls of buildings by allowing moisture vapour to escape through wall surfaces and preventing humidity buildup. Exterior coatings allow water vapour to escape through surface pores to prevent humidity buildup that would allow green mould or mildew growth to flourish on property walls.

Low Maintenance

Many wall coating products offer long-term performance and durability, giving you more time and money to enjoy your home rather than upkeep costs. Unlike masonry paint, exterior wall coatings have proven more resilient in coping with extreme weather conditions for decades, saving energy bills as more heat stays trapped inside the walls for an extended period.

Exterior wall coatings provide a solution for covering various external surfaces, from scruffy pebbledash and cracked render to cracked render, cracked render, and mismatched bricks, as well as hiding stains, green mould, and damp patches. Their higher opacity level means they come in an array of shades, textures, and colours to suit every taste and budget.

No matter whether you are trying to sell or add value, an exterior wall coating can improve its appearance and add value. Potential buyers who seek modern homes may be drawn in, while you could save on future heating bills through lower energy usage.