How To Make A Studio Apartment Look Spacious

Paint The Walls

Studio apartments can feel claustrophobic, but with the right design strategies, your tiny home will open up. Start by painting your walls, and opt for a lighter shade for an airy feeling. Choose a colour that complements other areas of your apartment, like the trim or cabinets. Creating a consistent colour palette throughout the entire space will trick your mind into thinking your apartment is larger than it is.

Cohesive Colour Palette

When decorating a studio apartment, sticking to a consistent colour palette is important. This way, your space will feel more connected and airier.

Adding some darker colours to your palette can also help your apartment feel more spacious. These shades can highlight the architectural features of your space and make them stand out.

If you’re unable to paint your walls (like if you rent your apartment), try using a removable peel and stick wallpaper to add visual interest to the room. These are easy to install and come in a variety of designs. Plus, they don’t require any nails or glue, so you can avoid damaging your security deposit.

Keep It Clean

Clutter and dirt can quickly build up in small spaces. It’s also harder to hide clutter in smaller apartments since there are fewer places to store items.

To keep your apartment looking clean and tidy, try cleaning frequently—or even daily if you can. This will help your apartment look and feel more spacious in the long run.


Getting creative with storage is an easy way to make a studio apartment look spacious. From a stylish daybed to a hidden shelf, there are plenty of options to help you organize your space and make the most of its square footage.

Using mirrors is another simple trick that can visually make a studio apartment look bigger. You can hang a leaner or even place a full-length mirror against the wall to bounce back natural light and instantly brighten your home.